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Dare To Wear Love Greta Constantine May 2017

Dare To Wear Love Gala was at the Ritz Carlton this year that raises funds and awareness for the Stephen Lewis Foundation using the Power of Fashion for Good. This year Dare to Wear was especially honoured to have Stephen Lewis speaking at the event. He introduced the Foundation’s LGBTQ initiative and much more. Considered one of the most captivating and eloquent keynote speakers, his speech inspired the audience and also Renowned Ugandan LGBTQ activist, Frank Mugisha, gave a speech too. Dare to Wear Love featured 6 amazing fashions from Christopher Bates, David Dixon, DSquared2, Farley Chatto Designs, Hoax Couture, House of Dalla, Izzy Camilleri, Rodney Philpott, Stephan Caras, Peach Berserk, Rita Tesolin, UNTTLD, Northbound Leather, Susan Dicks, and had performances by Billy Newton Davis, The Scott Fordham Dancers, and Simone Denny, as well the exclusive presentation of the Fall 2017 collection from Greta Constantine.


DARE TO WEAR LOVE celebrated the talents and commitment to social justice of Canada’s fashion design community and performing artists and raised funds and awareness for the


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