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Nourishhope November 2018

Nourishhope a special evening supporting international justice mission was at the Grand Salon on 20 Toronto Street, The evening was hosted by Personality Karen Johnson with a reception followed by a dinner program from Chef Damian Harrington of the award winning “Foodies on Foot” (founded by Steven Hellmann) created a multi course menu with wine parings for an exceptional dining experience for an exceptional cause. Special guests included Fashion Designer Christopher Paunil (Christopher Paunil Designs, Stiched TV show on Slice TV), Director and Producer, Elisa Paloschi (Driving with Selvi), Producer, Screen Writer, Author Lynne Stoltz (“Sons 2 The Grave Movie, “HUDSON” the Series). Nourishope was founded by Jennifer Ip of LAWPRO® Toronto to benefit the important increasingly more necessary work of International Justice Mission Canada. IJM rescues victims from slavery, sex trafficking, sexual violence, police brutality and deprivation of poverty. All remain real risks for the forgotten millions of the vulnerable poor living in developing countries around the world. By working with locals to strengthen their justice system, IJM is able to help bring criminals to justice, help victims and survivors heal and thrive by providing them with the tools they need. The Organization brings hope to those living in impoverished communities of Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. IJM lawyers, social workers, and investigators work in these communities to secure the protection of the law on behalf of victims of violent abuse. The organization is putting an emphasis on ending Cybersex trafficking of children. Cybersex is the live streaming of sexual exploitation of children viewed over the internet. International Justice Mission Canada not only speaks for those who need a voice, they support the healing. Your support enables them to do that.


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