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TIFF Waterfront Film for Peace September 2018

Waterfront`s Film for Peace launch at Toulà Restaurant High atop Toronto’s entertainment district, on the 38th floor of The Westin Harbour Castle. The creative solution to ending violence in our community! The escalation of violence in Toronto must be addressed now! Toronto Waterfront Magazine (TWM) and Anti-Violence Educational Services (AV Youth) are taking a progressive role in tackling the issue of violence in Toronto by creating the “Film for Peace” contest. This is an exciting opportunity for our city to address the escalation of violence in a creative way. This event comes at a time when our city needs it most. Our partners are coming together to launch a campaign that will address the violence in our community in a positive way. As an experiential filmmaking program, “Film for Peace” will engage participants of all ages, especially with a focus on youth. Details of this important initiative will be released during Waterfront Magazine’s annual TIFF event on Thursday, September 13, 2018 at Toula, the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel. By coming together, Waterfront are showing the world that we are truly #torontostrong. FILM FOR PEACE – Filmmakers Contest Waterfront invite residents of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to submit a short film addressing the issue of violence that is informative, inspiring and entertaining. Winning entrants of the “Film For Peace Filmmakers Contest” will premiere at the Film Festivals in 2019 and qualify for great prizes.

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