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Fight To End Cancer May 2017

The sixth annual Fight To End Cancer (FTEC2017) held at the Old Mill encompassed two exciting annual events which ran simultaneously on Saturday evening May 27th,.The gala held at the Old Mill Toronto and FTEC2017 broadcast Live From Brazen Head in Liberty Village, attended by more than 1000 guests. Fight To End Cancer Gala, hosted an elegant gourmet dinner, various entertainers, along with Olympic-style boxing, including local business leaders and celebrity bouts. This was s an event like no other and has quickly become one of the most anticipated events in Toronto.

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FighttoEndCancer49cover FighttoEndCancer40cover FighttoEndCancer33cover FighttoEndCancer30cover FighttoEndCancer26cover FighttoEndCancer21cover FighttoEndCancer03coverFighttoEndCancer69 FighttoEndCancer66 FighttoEndCancer63 FighttoEndCancer61 FighttoEndCancer60 FighttoEndCancer58 FighttoEndCancer56 FighttoEndCancer53 FighttoEndCancer50 FighttoEndCancer47 FighttoEndCancer45 FighttoEndCancer44 FighttoEndCancer42 FighttoEndCancer41 FighttoEndCancer37 FighttoEndCancer34 FighttoEndCancer28 FighttoEndCancer20 FighttoEndCancer15 FighttoEndCancer08 FighttoEndCancer05

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