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Butterfly Ball May 2017

The 20th annual Butterfly Ball® took place at the Four Seasons Hotel Thursday, May 25.. The ball is the major annual fundraiser for the Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre™ (Boost CYAC) and the funds raised support the hundreds of children that they assist each year. The 2017 Butterfly Ball committee is co-chaired by Daniela DeGasperis and Vanessa Mulroney and the gala evening includes a cocktail reception and a sit-down dinner, followed by dancing as well as some fabulous live auction items. In 2016, the auction items included a trip to New York’s Fashion Week on board a private plane, a day with Toronto’s Emergency Task Force and the draw prize was His and Hers Rolex watches. About sixty percent of attendees are returning guests, indicating a commitment to the cause of supporting children through the most difficult time of their young lives. The establishment of Toronto’s CYAC has been instrumental in allowing each child to have an advocate, someone who will see him/her through the entire process, including investigation, support services and court preparation if that is necessary.

As a leader in child abuse prevention and intervention services over the past 36 years, Boost CYAC continues to provide trauma assessment and counselling services to thousands of children. But the need continues to grow.


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Sylvia Mantella AMBI


Sylvia Mantella AMBI


ETalk Host Ben Mulroney


Suzanne Rogers

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