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Andean Flavours May 2016

The 3rd annual Andean Flavours Gourmet Tasting was held at the Burroughes Building on Queen St. in May. Showcaseing the bounty of South American agriculture. Guests were treated with a outdoor rooftop Barbeque and many other gourmet foods, live music and a Peruvian Fashion Show. Traveled to faraway countries like Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Ecuador for a first-hand look at health-conscious products that are their everyday. Stacked up on quinoa to give salads a texture-driven dose of protein. Sampled the age-old sacha inchi, an Amazonian peanut with a growing cachet as a super food. Other hard-to-finds include maca, a root vegetable with a history as an aphrodisiac, the chia plant, which is cultivated for its nutrient-heavy seeds, as well as chocolate, oils, coffee and salsas with many sustainable and non-gmo options..

Andean Flavours




AndeanFlavours002 AndeanFlavours003 AndeanFlavours005 AndeanFlavours006 AndeanFlavours007 AndeanFlavours009 AndeanFlavours010 AndeanFlavours013 AndeanFlavours014 AndeanFlavours016 AndeanFlavours017 AndeanFlavours018 AndeanFlavours020 AndeanFlavours024 AndeanFlavours026 AndeanFlavours029 AndeanFlavours031 AndeanFlavours033 AndeanFlavours034 AndeanFlavours037 AndeanFlavours039 AndeanFlavours042 AndeanFlavours045 AndeanFlavours046 AndeanFlavours048 AndeanFlavours050 AndeanFlavours053 AndeanFlavours056 AndeanFlavours057 AndeanFlavours059 AndeanFlavours060 AndeanFlavours061 AndeanFlavours067 AndeanFlavours069 AndeanFlavours074 AndeanFlavours088 AndeanFlavours094 AndeanFlavours096 AndeanFlavours098 AndeanFlavours110 AndeanFlavours113 AndeanFlavours116 AndeanFlavours118 AndeanFlavours122 AndeanFlavourscover AndeanFlavourscover1 AndeanFlavourscover2

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