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The Lucky Ball March 2016


The Lucky Ball has been raising funds for the Fort York Food Bank past few years was held at the Revival Bar on College St March 17th.

A St. Patrick’s Day-themed party. created by Scott Shallow of Brad Lamb Realty and Sennheiser helping out the Fort York Food Bank.

Silent action, open bar, Hors d`oeuvres, entertainment greeted the guest attending the Ball.

The Fort York Food Bank (an agency of the Daily Bread Food Bank and Second Harvests a multi-service agency reconnecting people with our community. 95% of every donation to FYFB goes directly to programs that provide an integrated set of services assisting clients in a holistic manner. In a given month, FYFB helps approximately 1,200 of the most vulnerable members of our community; FYFB clients survive on an average of $3 a day after housing costs The Lucky Balls goal this year was for 500 guests to attend, which would have raised approximately $50,000 for Fort York Food Bank.

Lucky Ball

Fort York Food Bank




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