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OWTFF Open World Toronto Film Festival October 2015

OWTFF Open World Toronto Film Festival

OWTFF provides an equal chance of winning for all entrants, regardless of size and budget. Entries are judged on Quality of Craft and Creativity. Our main goal is to help artists gain publicity, media exposure, and momentum, as well as pay Tribute to their Ingenuity.

At OWTFF welcomed filmmakers and artists from all walks of life. also welcomed productions from any countries and years.

OWTFF is also an online Film Festival: permanently showcaseing three Nominees of each category on our website. The Nominees was announced on October 7th 2016 and the Winners were on the 14th. For the Animations, Experimentals, Documentaries, Shorts, and Features we will showcase your trailer. For the Music Videos and Web Series, your full project.

Submissions were judged with HONESTY, INTEGRITY and an OPEN MIND.
The names attached to the project did not enhance the chances of being a success at the OWTFF, but Talent, Creativity and Dedication surely did. The judges panel are Skilled and Established Film Industry Professionals; Agents, Directors, Casting Directors and Producers.

Winners received a lot of exposure as they were broadcasted the list of Winners via Press Releases and mentioned them in Local/Worldwide Media Interviews.




‪Natasha Eloi, Actress/Red Carpet Host/Reporter‬


‪Natasha Eloi, Actress/Red Carpet Host/Reporter‬


Right Katie Uhlmann Actress/Host, Toronto


Right Katie Uhlmann Actress/Host, Toronto


‪Natasha Eloi, Actress/Red Carpet Host/Reporter‬


Katie Uhlmann Actress/Host, Toronto


Left Katie Uhlmann Actress/Host, Toronto

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